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Petra Scantlebury (British) – Successful summit on 20 September 2018


Hi Nikki,

We had a wonderful trip indeed, thank you so much for arranging it for us.

In terms of feedback from us, the whole trip was fantastic, the organization was superb and we possibly couldn’t have had a better team to look after us.

Things we really enjoyed :

Ah, so many.  I am probably not going to list them all, but there are a few special moments that left a lasting impression. Food surpassed our expectations.  It was great, tasty, nutritious and plentiful. A special thanks to the “Stomach engineer” for keeping our bellies full with warm and delicious meals every day.

Having a hot bowl of water for washing every morning and evening was a special treat and despite all the dust along the route, every time we arrived at the camp, our bags, tents and mats were all set up and clean. We can’t sing enough praises to the guides :  David, Good Luck, Nelson, Edwin and African. Where did you find such as fantastic bunch of lovely, kind and fun people ? They really made us feel as though this wasn’t just a job for them, each went an extra mile to make us feel comfortable, carrying spare water to save our energy, zipping our jackets, fastening our gaiters, taking pictures, helping with rucksacks and singing songs along the way.

I will never forget how they cheered us on all the way to the summit, singing songs with all our names and keeping our spirits up. We believe that these guys had a lot to do with the success of our group and all of us reaching the summit, and then…reaching the camp on the way back from the summit, having all the porters cheering congratulations, bringing us each a chair to sit on, taking off and dusting our gaiters and shoes, serving a cold cup of fruit juice ….. all these little things we will remember and be in our stories, because they did make us feel very special.

The party after was great fun, we loved all the singing and dancing and it was really sad having to say good byes after such a great, memorable and emotional week. We clearly are biased because we loved everything about the trip, but still firmly of the view that you guys were the best and most experienced company on that mountain and we made the right decision to climb with you.

Thank you again Nikki, pass our thanks to all the guys also.

All the best

Petra & Henry

Pieter en Klara van der Walt (South Africa) – Successful summit on 29 June 2018


My daughter and I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on the 24th -30th of June 2018. We did our booking through Climbing Kilimanjaro, Villieria, in Pretoria. They assisted us with all the important information in a very professional way.  We knew we were in good hands, but it wasn’t until our actual hiking trail that we realized how good their preparations and assistance really were!

From the very first day we were treated as if we were a king and a queen!!! Lunch in the forest at a proper table with table cloth, chairs, cold meat, fruit and cold drinks. The royal treatment continued with every breakfast, lunch and dinner. The effort and dedication of the chef, waiters and butlers were just out of this world.  After a long, dusty and tiring day’s walk, we arrived at our next camp to find it neatly prepared for us. We were welcomed with a dance on the beat of the local Kilimanjaro song   “ Jumbo, Jumbo bwana!”(Hello, Hello sir….) Our shoes were dusted off, chairs were put in place for us to sit down (always with a view towards the mountain) and a cold glass of orange juice was awaiting us to quench our thirsts. A bowl of warm water was supplied to wash and prepare for dinner. After a wonderful three-course dinner, John, our hiking leader, performed a medical routine on each one of us. Our oxygen levels, heart rate and any other symptoms were recorded accurately in the evenings and in the mornings after breakfast. He kept these record cards updated for the duration of the trip.

Every morning we were awakened with the friendly call of our waiter, Emmanuel, with a steamy warm cup of ginger tea to give us a much needed kickstart for the new day. We kept moving closer to the mountain and slowly but surely, the possibility of summitting became a reality.

I have learned that trust was a key element in the success of our tour. We all fully and blindly trusted John in all he said and the way in which he walked and placed his feet between the lava rocks in the semi-desert, on our way to Lava Tower. Even the smallest detail was attended to and everything we did, strengthened our chances to summit the highest mountain in Africa. The supporting team worked in unity with John and each other all the time. Every team member did his part and worked together to make our trip an unforgettable experience, printed in our minds for life. Their joy and dedication were addictive and it helped to keep our spirits high! In time of need there was always a supportive hand ready to assist us and to prevent any injuries. Thank you for a well-trained and professional, supporting team who was by our side all the way.

On the long awaited night, we were sent to bed very early after our briefing of what was to come later that night. A few hours later we found ourselves moving extremely slowly up the steep hill, step by step in the snow or rather ice, on our way to Stella point (5752m). It was full moon and the reflection of the bright moonlight on the white snow was breath taking! We could even walk without turning our head lamps on. It was extremely tiring and we could feel the strain on our breathing as we moved closer to the final summit point. It was hard to control our emotions when we eventually reached Stella Point! We all spontaneously hugged each other, while wiping the tears from our eyes. The last 500m towards the Uhuru Peak was a reward we’ve been looking forward to for 4 days. We were blessed with the clearest of skies! We saw the sun rising in the east, while the full moon made it’s way down in the west…what an incredible experience that words cannot express!! This indescribable picture was worth it all! John gave us 15 minutes for photo’s and then we started the one and a half days’ downhill.

We want to thank “Climbing Kilimanjaro” for a well-organised hiking tour. You helped us achieve an unforgettable, safe summit of Mount Kilimanjaro – a definite life-changing experience!

Pieter and Klara van der Walt

Peter Raubenheimer (South Africa) – Successful summit on 26 June 2018


Dear Gideon and Will.

Thank you so much for a marvelous six days of mountaineering.

We could not have asked more of you and your wonderful team.

The fact that you got us all to the summit, in trying circumstances, is a credit, not only to your climbing skills, but also to your understanding of the mental challenges involved.

It was really sad to say goodbye at the end.

We will treasure these memories forever.

Good luck for all your future summits – you are a credit to your company and your country.

Warm regards

Peter, Grace & Sarah.

Gordon Flynn (New Zealand) – Successful summit on 23 June 2018

Gordon 1

Hi Adel,

I had an extended trip to Switzerland and have just got back to NZ.

I am happy to give feedback and have copied in my guides so they can see it as well.

I am very happy about how my trip went and the experience of booking with Climbing Kilimanjaro. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who is considering climbing Kilimanjaro or going on a safari.

The communication throughout from Manasseh was excellent and he was very good in organising my safari and accomodating the changes to accomodation that I requested.

The safari was great especially the Ngorongoro crater and my driver Jackson was very knowledgeable and I always felt safe with his driving.

My guides David and his assistant Athuman were excellent. I would not have made it to the summit and back safely without their patience and encouragement and the first aid treatment I received when I rolled my ankle during the trek.

My advise would be to ask by name for these two guides if I knew someone who was going on the climb. David always kept us informed of what was happening and also what to expect as we climbed higher.

We were asked what we liked to eat and the cook was very good at preparing tasty meals. There was always more than enough food for my appetite.

The waiter Yaseen was very polite and good at organising our mess tent and water bottles and the porters who looked after my tent and bag were great as well. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

The whole trip was perfect as far as I was concerned and while I am pleased to have made the summit, the meeting of the people in our climbing team will be the enduring memory that I take away from my visit to Tanzania..



Olufemi Akinsola (Nigeria) – Successful summit attempt on 2 March 2018



Dear Nikki,

This is to thank you and the entire operations team in Arusha led by Manasseh and Charity for the successful Kilimanjaro climb experience. The arrangements and handshakes were flawless. Fola, Shehu and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Immense gratitude to Nelson, Alex and their entire team as well. They were a wonderful team who provided more than sufficient  and ‘pole pole’ support to make the trip a success. We owe the success of the climb to this wonderful team!

I will also like to thank everyone for the support to evacuate Fola from the mountain when fatigue, injury and altitude sickness set in on day 3.  The rally round and subsequent care from everyone was fantastic.

In all a fantastic experience for us, delivered flawlessly by a fantastic team!

Asante sana!!!

Olufemi Akinsola

Allen Volpe (Canada) – Successful summit on 23 January 2018

Allen Volpe

Hi Adel,

I had the pleasure of summiting Mt Kilimanjaro with our guide, John, and assistant guide, Nelson, on January 23, 2018.  John, Nelson, and our whole team were amazing throughout our 7-day adventure on the Machame route.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food we were served – I’d do it again just for the food!!  There really isn’t anything that can be said in words that could describe just how incredible my experience was; mostly because of the team that I was lucky enough to climb with.  John was diligent in keeping us on a very manageable and enjoyable schedule, and was very detailed in letting us know what to expect, what to wear, and how to prepare for each day.  I trusted John completely with my care – nutrition, safety, and overall health – and it really helped with my confidence throughout my climb.  Thank you for providing us with such an amazing team, who I wish I could still remain close friends with.

Allen Volpe


Maroshell Odendaal (South Africa) – Successful summit on 6 September 2017


Hi Nikki

Its been so hectic at work but I would like to thank you and your team for the most amazing awesome exciting week.

It was fantastic from start to end.  I really enjoyed the whole experience and would go again without a second thought. 

Nelson and his team were the best.  They really went the extra mile for our comfort and assistance.  And they were always friendly and smiling. I could also see Nelson was constantly checking on us and how we felt without making a big deal of it.

Also always looked in at dinner times to see if we were all eating.  He is very professional indeed. The rest of our hiking group were also great.  We all got on well and this added to the fun and enjoyment.



Judith Coulson-Geissmann (Switzerland) – Successful summit on 5 September 2017


Dear Adel

We are back in Nairobi after an amazing week with Safiel and his team climbing and reaching Kilimanjaro.

We truly believe that we had the best, most flexible, most resourceful and most professional crew on the mountain.

Safiel and his team found the right mix of motivation, team spirit, serious advice, humour and calm to cater to a very diverse team.

For me and my daughter the experience exceeded all our expectations and I guess it did not harm that the weather was amazing too.

We will definitely recommend your team to anyone planning to climb Kilimanjaro in our network.

With kind regards

Judith Coulson-Geissmann

Stefan Hugo (South Africa) – Successful summit on 5 September 2017


Hi Adel,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I would like to say thank you very much to you and the team in Tanzania for making this one of the best trips of my life!!

I would like to send a special shout out to Safiel, Gideon, Roger and Wilfred! These 4 gentleman were incredible guides and took such good care of us.

They manage the porters with respect and ensured that we were always well catered for. Looking at the other guides and teams on the mountain I could see a vast difference in the professional way we were treated compared to them.

I have no complaints and will recommend the team to everyone I talk to.

I never felt in any danger and gained confidence with our daily medical check-ups! I think it is of great importance that you check the blood oxygen levels daily as it puts the mind at ease knowing that you are in a good shape to reach the summit.

Really hold on to the team mentioned above as they don’t get any better than that!!

Felt like I was saying goodbye to family when I was leaving and you can really be proud of your employees and how they treat your clients!

I will give your staff a 12 out of 10 J

I hope to do this trip in future again and I will definitely be using you again!

Blessings and keep well!


Marvin Peckham (British) – Successful summit on 25 August 2017


Hi Nikki,

Myself and the guys would just like to say a huge thanks for the arrangements on our trip / making it a smooth/seamless operation – really appreciated and we all had a great time.

Our guide David and his team did an excellent job, was very relaxed and took great care of us – would highly recommend them again.

Thanks once more – now back to ‘normal’ life!

Best Regards,


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