Claudio Antunes (South Africa) – Successful summit attempt on 13 August 2019 6 Day Lemosho route – Deluxe package

Dear Nikki and Team


We just wanted to thank you and your team for everything with regard to our Kilimanjaro trip. It was absolutely amazing!

Thank you and your team for always being quick to respond and give us all the info we needed to prepare us for this trip. We felt very well looked after and would recommend Climbing Kilimanjaro to anyone looking to try this adventure.

A big thank you to our guide Rayson and his team as well. Rayson was very knowledgeable, authoritative and very safety conscious. We couldn’t ask for a better team to get us to the summit safely and back down. We were very well looked after throughout our climb.

It was one of the best experiences of our lives!

Thank you for everything!

Claudio and Justin

Ingo van Koll (German) – Successful summit 06 August 2019 Superior package – 9 day Lemosho route via Northern Circuit

Dear Karel


The 9 day Lemosho Route with summiting Uhuru Peak was a great experience for us. John and his team made this experience to a big success for us.

We cannot state how helpful and friendly the whole team was. Under really difficult circumstances they supplied a fantastic service to us.

Their service was very professional and client driven. We have always felt safe and very much individually taken care. There is really nothing which they could have done better. The food was excellence, their motivation to/for us and their whole effort. On the last day we finished with a little good-bye party and during the event we had the feeling that we grew together like a big family. By the end it was a little bit sad to say good-bye to so many fantastic persons.

There is nothing more to say as: Thank you for such a fantastic trip!!!

We will do a five star recommendation on Facebook and TripAdvisor for Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Best regards from Germany

Marvin and Ingo

Penny Edney (Australian) – Successful summit 14 July 2019 Deluxe package – 7 day Machame route

Good Morning Karel,


Wow! What a trip we had.

I consider myself to be well travelled – However never have I had my expectations of travel been exceeded in the way that climbing Kilimanjaro/Safari has done. The service and information/support provided by your company has been second to none – Congratulations to you! 3 out of 5 of us made it to the summit – Out of the 2 that didn’t make it one had to be evacuated from the mountain by cart and the other had a flu – However for the 3 of us that were successful I truly believe that our success is owed to the professionalism and expertise of Musa  Maliwa and his team and in particular Saul Sanga.

If you can please pass on our thanks to both – they truly deserve to be commended and rewarded for such an incredible experience that they gave us. The food was awesome and a credit to the condition under which the food is cooked – it can’t be easy!

Every detail of the trip was planned well and any variation that was required was handled efficiently and never were we left wondering where a member of our group was at. I was particularly impressed with Musa’s medical knowledge and duty of care in the area – Nothing was left to chance! Musa and his team was extremely knowledgeable and always happy to chat about any questions that we may have had about Kilimanjaro and bravely attempted to teach us Swahili – LOL. I was extremely impressed with the briefing by Manasseh in Arusha prior to the trek and he certainly put our nerves to rest and it became very apparent that Manasseh and Musa had our “back’s” at all time. On the mountain we obviously witnessed many other trekking companies and again Climbing Kilimanjaro stood out as being the best – Sooooo glad we choose you guys.

My only regret is that if I had any idea how hard Musa and his team worked to make our trip such a success then I would have gladly increased the guide tip amount – so maybe recommend a slightly higher amount and it is very much deserved. I plan on climbing Kilimanjaro again with a couple of my children and will definitely be using your company – No doubt!

Again if you have the opportunity please commend Musa and his team for being so fantastic as we will always feel indebted to them. Thanks again for everything and I will be in touch to book our next trip.

Marina Rivera (France) – Successful summit on 28 June 2019 6 Day Machame route – Superior package

Hi Nikki,

Sorry it took me so long to answer, I went on a safari after climbing Kilimanjaro and didn’t have a good internet connection.

But this second experience with a different company made me appreciate even more to what extent the service you provide is absolutely perfect. I think we all enjoyed this trip a lot.  We were impressed by the level of organization, and all the little attentions were very welcome. The team was amazing and we only wished we could have talked to them more, or at least share the last meal together. Eventually, I felt very safe all the way, which was the most important to me.

Thank you for this amazing experience!

Best regards,


Tanja Kajfez (Croatia) – Successful summit on the 27 June 2019 8 Day Lemosho route – Deluxe package

Dear Adel,


Thanks a lot for your e-mail.


We are safe back home still under the impression of beautiful Kilimanjaro. J


We had a great team of people taking care of us. Musa as our chief guide could not be more than professional and led us perfectly to the top (and down).

We don’t have a single complaint regarding all of them. Great, great team of people! We are especially thankful also to our porters as they did an incredible work. For us it is another dimension what they do! Also, we have to mention our cook who did a great job feeding us. Food was amazing.


Without all of them the summit would not be possible!


You can be sure you will have our recommendations!


Give again our best to Musa and whole team!

We miss them.


With kindest regards

Tanja and Maja

Sheelagh Williamson family (USA) – 26 June 2019 – Deluxe package – 7 Day Machame route

We had a fantastic 7 day climb of the Machame route. Freddy and Michael our guides were informed as to how to successfully complete the climb and were very helpful with any problems we encountered on the way. The food was excellent, 3 hot meals a day served beautifully always with more food than we could consume. The porters were unbelievable, not only with the speed that the camps were set up before our arrival but always there to help give us a hand. Sometimes just getting out of the tent needed a hand and there they were. Unbelievable. Always cheerful and ready with a song and dance. We were 3 generations of family making the climb, the youngest 17 and oldest 78. No doubt we are closer as a family after this climb. Climbing Kilimanjaro is to be commended for everything going so smoothly from the pickup at the Kilimanjaro airport to the delivery back to the airport, everything always on time. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone planning the climb. We will never be the same.

Elelwani Rosemary Tshikovhi (South African) – Successful summit on the 20 June 2019 7 Day Machame route – Superior package

Good day Karel,


Thank you so much for all the arrangements for us and ensuring that our expedition is memorable, I came through to your office on Monday to drop off the gear I

wanted to personally thank you since I do not think putting my thoughts on paper would be sufficient. I wanted you to experience the gestures when I share my

story to you so that you can understand how I felt and the importance of your support and Tanzanian team.


Everything you told me was as is, the experience was something to treasure for a lifetime. I have come to appreciate that planning and guidance from a reputable

expedition company like Climbing Kilimanjaro is of critical importance for everyone involved. You guys are awesome in every way!


Regarding the 7 days Experience:

  • I must say the customer experience we received from everyone was amazing…. Chief Guide David has been a God sent guardian angel to the team.
  • His leadership qualities are beyond measure, how he interacts with his crew and us as his client made us feel so reassured that we will make it to the top without fail.
  • Everyday our experience was altered one way or the other.. ever changing weather, caring and supportive Porters , difference camps with different cold temperatures to deal with.
  • The meals – Chef January made sure that we have healthy hot meals 3times a day without fail… this contributed a lot to our immune system to keep healthy and weather the storms.
  • We were really grateful for the portable toilet option that we took… its horrific up there in the mountains. But on a lighter note, we got used to going behind the big Rock while on the trail when Diamox was taking its toll on us..J
  • The Summit attempt night will always be a night to remember!… I am grateful that I reached the peak without any injuries nor sickness throughout the trip.


Overall, my sincere gratitude to you and the Climbing Kilimanjaro office team for the wonderful assistance, guidance and support you all provided to us and made our expedition a memorable one!


Keep up the good customer service excellence!


Stay blessed,





Julie Schiller (USA) – Successful summit on the 16 June 2019 Superior package – 6 day Machame route

I honestly cannot say enough good things about my experience with climbing kilimanjaro. From the start of booking- Nikki was extremely helpful and responsive, our climb was easily booked and all of our questions answered accurately. Our guides- Musa and Sunga- were so knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. You could tell that this work is their passion. My friend and I did the superior package 6 Day Machame Route . We had a variety of hot meals prepared for us, breakfast lunch and dinner. All of the meals were excellent. Water was readily available for us every day. We both summitted successfully, I don’t know if that would’ve been possible with just any company, do not underestimate this mountain! All of the porters were so sweet and all of our stuff was well taken care of. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to the whole team. Thanks again climbing kilimanjaro!

Dean Gilbert (Australian) – Successful summit 08 June 2019 Superior package – 7 day Machame route

The four of us, who had never met each other before, commenced a 7-day Machame Route hike on 03 Jun 19.


Preparation for the trip was simple and a considerable amount of advice was provided from the team at ClimbingKilimanjaro.com. Transfers were easily arranged and on time upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport.


We met the team including the guides and porters at Sal Salinero hotel and were provided an extensive and informative briefing from Charity who also answered all our questions. The team also ensured that we had everything that we needed prior to commencing our trip.


The entire week was a huge success thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team led by Nelson. We cannot speak highly enough of Nelson as he was always there to assist us in any way possible and worked hard throughout the week ensuring the welfare of both us and his team.


Ales (one of the two assistant guides) led our way through the majority of the route and kept us on track to meet our checkpoints. Gilbert (the other assistant guide) worked extremely hard throughout the week as both a guide a porter and our assistant at camp. Gilbert is extremely motivated and experienced, has a great sense of humour and is your go-to for anything you need.


The food was prepared by the mountains best cook. Dowson (unsure if spelling is correct) was significantly better than expected, Dowson produces all the necessary food in 3 excellent meals per day to get you from point A to B. We cannot express enough how grateful we are for having quality food throughout the entire trip.


The 7-day Machame route was incredible and provided the opportunity to see many amazing sights on the mountain including Lava Tower, the Barranco Wall and Shira caves. It also provided plenty of time for acclimatization and socializing amongst other climbers.


We were all confident going into summit morning and this was a testament to the team including Nelson who prepared us and instilled a lot of confidence in us and our summit team. The summit was an incredibly difficult personal challenge for us all in many different ways but we took it “Pole-Pole” and made it in great time. We actually found ourselves overtaking other teams who were being rushed bu their guides and needing longer rest times and from a 12:30 start we arrives at Stella Point at 05:45 in great time.


Overall the entire experience was incredible the team at ClimbingKilimanjaro.com was brilliant. I would recommend Nelson, Alex, Gilbert and their team to anyone. Asante! Umefanya Vizuri!