Lan Anh Nguyen (Vietnam) – Successful summit on 26 September 2018 Superior package – 7 day Machame route

Lan 2

Dear Nikki,

First of all, my great thanks to you yourself as a person of constant speedy responding to all my requests and questions, for your professionalism and being really helpful. Thanks for all the information you sent which I highly respected them and followed them (still regretted I didn’t follow 100% the recommended list, only about 85%, but luckily I got your colleague on the ground covered me at last minutes to recommend me hiring the skiing pants which without it I don’t think I made it to the top). As well as the mountain sickness guide, though I only read it much later when I got time just before the climb, I left it until much later to read for the fact that it’s really long and details, which is great at the same time if people going through it and understand symptom and risks and treatment of mountain sickness.

To summarize the above, I again appreciate very much all provided info, and would like you to even take it more seriously and insistently to tell other climbers the importance of the recommended equipments and mountain sickness guide. They extremely important in increasing maximizing our chance of success.

Second of all, I though don’t have direct contact info of your colleagues and team on the ground. But please pass my huge huge thanks to the whole team again. They would remember me as I was the most talkative person in the group, always tried to speak Swahili to them. The chief guide John did a brilliant job in guiding us, taking care of us each and every step, making sure everyone happy, healthy and enjoy the climb as well as reaching our dream. I don’t remember the names of porters, but all other guides (Dickson, Emanuel, Godswil, Salim) have been part of our success. I especially heartedly be thankful to Salim, a young junior guide who has done his job with all his mind and heart, a natural-born caretaker who never mind about himself but always do anything and everything for people he guides. He will be another great John in future. So please pass my message to the manager to keep him trained and equipped with more experiences as he’s surely a great asset for the company. I’m sure all other people in my group would agree with my assessment about Salim as he cared for everyone at anytime we needed or even when we didn’t asked for but he ran to us to help..

Thirdly, some highlights about the tour that you should maintain:

– Ginger tea: best of the best, helps to warm us up, and gives huge speedy boost of energy. I personally love to have it at least 2 times a day, morning and end of day. Others might only prefer in the morning. So you should give them options.

– Great variety of food;

– Good Discipline to climbers to go Pole Pole, which is key success;

Saving the best for last, just few words expressing my feelings about this climb. It was definitely a life changing experience. I’m a big traveler, did quite crazy things, solo backpacking hitchhiking the world, camping in the wild, etc… but nothing is same as the feelings and emotions I got from this climb. Kili has been my dream ever since I arrived to this continent almost 7 years ago. A dream that I didn’t think I would make it, financially as well as physical conditions. But after years of working and some months of training with all dedication, I finally decided to make my dream come true. First was with the mind-set of conquering the mountain. My highest point before Kili was 4,100m. Stretching to almost 6,000m was quite a big jump. I did it, though not with ease the last 4 hours before the summit, but I made it, tears bursted out when I was up at the top when I literally had very little energy left.

I thought I should share with you so you understand how important your work is in making someone’s dream come true, and leaving footprint in others lives and hearts. You are behind the desk but not any less important than anyone on the ground and up in mountain accompanying us. Thanks again for your hard work. I really hope you love your job a bit more from my appreciation email.

Big hug