Maria-Marta Andrade (Argentina) – Successful summit on 20 March 2019 8 Day Lemosho route – Superior package

I Climbed Kilimanjaro (8 Day Lemosho Route ) with Climbing Kilimanjaro and thanks to them my dream came true, I reached the summit on March 20, 2019. I am 61 years old, I was traveling alone, so I decided to join 2 other climbers (19 and 34 years old) who were planning to reach the summit the same day I had in mind…with the full moon!!!! 

The experience was fantastic, everyone in our group successfully summited Uhuru Peak; but while reaching the summit with the rising sun was truly amazing, I must say that getting there was unforgettable as well. Every detail was planned and executed perfectly, everyone worked hard to make this a trip memorable.

I chose the 8 Day Lemosho Route because I wanted the extra time to acclimatize, this route goes through diverse landscapes, from jungle to rocky arid areas, mountains with streams with a variety of vegetation. I was happy with this choice; at times it was very challenging but beautiful. 

Before starting the trek, I was a bit worried about whether my fitness level was enough to take me to the top. I did only two months of intense training, but with the help of Diamox and the unending support from the guides and porters of Climbing Kilimanjaro, I reached the Uhuru Peak without feeling any altitude symptoms.  

Right from the beginning I was very impressed by the detailed information shared on the “Climbing Kilimanjaro” website, related to every single aspect of this great adventure, this was extremely helpful for me.

From my initial enquiry to the actual climb I received prompt and professional service, everyone was so obliging to help in every way possible and so friendly, it really gives you a wonderful impression of Africa and the kindness the people possess. 

Much appreciation for all the communication that Nikki provided to me, he was incredibly helpful and responsive to my questions in the weeks leading up to the climb.

In Moshi, the day prior to the climb, I met the other climbers in a briefing organized by Manasseh. He not only explained to us everything about the climb, but he also took the time to check if I had all the right gear, and made sure that all the items that I rented were available. 

My heart goes out to the porters, never a moan or grumble, they packed away our tents carried them up the mountain and had them ready for us when we arrived, they did a fabulous job.

I should be especially thankful to the cook; the menu was very carefully selected and all of us were very satisfied with the food. We stopped for lunch each day and they set up a tent with a table, chairs, etc. Also, someone in my group turned 20 years old on the hike, and we all were surprised that they prepared a very nice cake and sang happy birthday. 

Finally, I would like to thank Safiel, our main guide, from the bottom of my heart! A fantastic leader of the whole team, knowledgeable, professional, friendly, thoughtful, patient, he got us through these hikes every day with encouragement and a very positive attitude: “One team, one dream!!!” He would make sure every person in the group was OK and could hike at the right pace: “Pole-Pole”. Safiel gave us briefings every night about what to expect the next day, checked our oxygen level and pulse twice a day in order to keep track of our health status, and coach us as we hiked to the summit. Safiel also took pictures and posted them on Facebook, while Mathew shared the GPS tracker to allow our friends and family to follow us day by day. Mathew also was an excellent guide, he did an amazing job, thank you, thank you, thank you! He really helped me to succeed!!! I highly recommend Climbing Kilimanjaro as they made the experience amazing and exceeded my expectations!!!

Maria-Marta ANDRADE