Penny Edney (Australian) – Successful summit 14 July 2019 Deluxe package – 7 day Machame route

Good Morning Karel,


Wow! What a trip we had.

I consider myself to be well travelled – However never have I had my expectations of travel been exceeded in the way that climbing Kilimanjaro/Safari has done. The service and information/support provided by your company has been second to none – Congratulations to you! 3 out of 5 of us made it to the summit – Out of the 2 that didn’t make it one had to be evacuated from the mountain by cart and the other had a flu – However for the 3 of us that were successful I truly believe that our success is owed to the professionalism and expertise of Musa  Maliwa and his team and in particular Saul Sanga.

If you can please pass on our thanks to both – they truly deserve to be commended and rewarded for such an incredible experience that they gave us. The food was awesome and a credit to the condition under which the food is cooked – it can’t be easy!

Every detail of the trip was planned well and any variation that was required was handled efficiently and never were we left wondering where a member of our group was at. I was particularly impressed with Musa’s medical knowledge and duty of care in the area – Nothing was left to chance! Musa and his team was extremely knowledgeable and always happy to chat about any questions that we may have had about Kilimanjaro and bravely attempted to teach us Swahili – LOL. I was extremely impressed with the briefing by Manasseh in Arusha prior to the trek and he certainly put our nerves to rest and it became very apparent that Manasseh and Musa had our “back’s” at all time. On the mountain we obviously witnessed many other trekking companies and again Climbing Kilimanjaro stood out as being the best – Sooooo glad we choose you guys.

My only regret is that if I had any idea how hard Musa and his team worked to make our trip such a success then I would have gladly increased the guide tip amount – so maybe recommend a slightly higher amount and it is very much deserved. I plan on climbing Kilimanjaro again with a couple of my children and will definitely be using your company – No doubt!

Again if you have the opportunity please commend Musa and his team for being so fantastic as we will always feel indebted to them. Thanks again for everything and I will be in touch to book our next trip.