Petra Scantlebury (British) – Successful summit on 20 September 2018


Hi Nikki,

We had a wonderful trip indeed, thank you so much for arranging it for us.

In terms of feedback from us, the whole trip was fantastic, the organization was superb and we possibly couldn’t have had a better team to look after us.

Things we really enjoyed :

Ah, so many.  I am probably not going to list them all, but there are a few special moments that left a lasting impression. Food surpassed our expectations.  It was great, tasty, nutritious and plentiful. A special thanks to the “Stomach engineer” for keeping our bellies full with warm and delicious meals every day.

Having a hot bowl of water for washing every morning and evening was a special treat and despite all the dust along the route, every time we arrived at the camp, our bags, tents and mats were all set up and clean. We can’t sing enough praises to the guides :  David, Good Luck, Nelson, Edwin and African. Where did you find such as fantastic bunch of lovely, kind and fun people ? They really made us feel as though this wasn’t just a job for them, each went an extra mile to make us feel comfortable, carrying spare water to save our energy, zipping our jackets, fastening our gaiters, taking pictures, helping with rucksacks and singing songs along the way.

I will never forget how they cheered us on all the way to the summit, singing songs with all our names and keeping our spirits up. We believe that these guys had a lot to do with the success of our group and all of us reaching the summit, and then…reaching the camp on the way back from the summit, having all the porters cheering congratulations, bringing us each a chair to sit on, taking off and dusting our gaiters and shoes, serving a cold cup of fruit juice ….. all these little things we will remember and be in our stories, because they did make us feel very special.

The party after was great fun, we loved all the singing and dancing and it was really sad having to say good byes after such a great, memorable and emotional week. We clearly are biased because we loved everything about the trip, but still firmly of the view that you guys were the best and most experienced company on that mountain and we made the right decision to climb with you.

Thank you again Nikki, pass our thanks to all the guys also.

All the best

Petra & Henry