Tyrone Kolby (Australia) – Successful summit on 23 February 2016 – Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route



Hi Nikki,


Everything didn’t happen as I planned, but it did work out for the best. Musa advised me to rather camp at each site as apposed to skipping Shira 1 for an extra night at Barafu. I was hesitant but was swayed by his vast experience on this mountain, and he also taught me that each mountain has its own acclimatisation…. You can’t compare the Himalays to any other experience… This is something I didn’t consider. Musa is very knowledgable and reads his clients abilities much more than the spreadsheet health checks in the am and pm. He watched my pace, rhythm as I fatigued, watched my breathing and signs of distress or any sign of AMS…. I know this not because he told me but because I have a medical background and I am aware of passive physical assessments. The team was awesome overall…. The chef, not cook, did an awesome job preparing food to suit my palate when I had no appetite; the porters are so humble and pleasant to be around; Lawrence Avansi ( hope I spelt his name correctly) who served on me at camps is so humble, helpful and nothing is ever too much. I also enjoyed his humour a lot. I believe he wants to be a mountain guide, and I would invest in him if I was in your seat….. You can teach anyone technical skills, but you can’t teach someone to be nice and true at heart. I believe that the guides and porters of Kilimanjaro on not just employees, but are the guardians of keeping this mountain in its pristine natural glory.


The information package was brilliant for preparation….. Even the bit about not closing your eyes on summit night. I must admit that I close my eyes for 2 or 3 steps and then forced myself to redirect to thoughts of my family as happy diversion to fatigue. Musa was happy with my pace variation between uphill, flats and downhill which I based on this measure. Naturally I was slower at higher altitudes, almost snail pace at Stella Point!!


On last favour, can you pass on this email to Mr. Manasseh particularly in reference to Musa and his team as well as my high recommendation for Lawrence. I hope to return to climb with daughter in 5 years time…. It took me that long to save up for this trip. I know there are cheaper options, but you get what you pay for and I won’t risk life over money on a journey like this. I will definitely use your services in 5 years time and recommend to friends and family.


Kind regards,