Wen Jiang (China) – Successful summit on the 6 February 2019 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route


Hi, Nikki

Last year my friend went to Kenya and sent me a picture of mountain Kilimanjaro, and told me that due to the globe climate, the glacer and snow on the top are fading, maybe one day there won’t have any more snow. So i dicided to climb the mountain. Since I never hiking nor sleeping in a tent, before i travelled I secretly prepared without telling anybody , so after I summit the top and told the news to my friends , they were all shocked but also were inspired that to do what you want to do even it is crazy.
From the bottem of my heart i know that things maybe differentes if I chose another agency.you really surprised me with your efficiente and attached to the details. And of course without Nelson and his team, I couldn’t do it, Nelson is a very respectable man other than an experenced guide, he cared about everybody of the whole team, he touched me deeply when he helped a girl porter to carry her big bag in barranco wall and he rarelly knew her. Also his porters are very well disciplined, they always remained quiet while the porters of the others teams spokeny to each other loudly even very late in the evening, this gave us several precios hours to get rest before summit. So please if you can, give Mr. Nelson and his team more work opportunitis, you can see now he can bring someone like me with zero experience of hiking to the top, this proved a lot.

As for the safaris, also beyond expectation, if you may passe our thanks to our guide Matthew, he is very dedicated to his work and is more punctual than ourselves. With him we saw a lot more wild animals that we expected, also the accommodation were excellent.
Well thank you for take your time to read my long feedback, you and your company care a lot about your clients and please keep it that way.
All the best wishes for you.